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I hope this update finds you all healthy and that that you are learning new ways to navigate our new post COVID reality as we are doing here at War Party Minerals.

Today I would like to update you on several new developments as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our partners.


First, we have a new home!

We are nearing completion on the move into our brand-new offices in Plano Texas.
This move places us in a much more desirable location that is better suited to our needs, and along with streamlining our staff we have also been able to significantly reduce our overhead in the process, without sacrificing efficiency in our business model.

Many of you have asked about our timing for a future listing on a major exchange.
As you can imagine, the COVID virus has impacted every industry and the volatility of the market has a majority of institutional investors in a holding pattern.
Many sources of capital have simply dried up for the time being; while investors seek to learn how the COVID virus will affect the economy as a whole and the effects it will have on specific sectors of the economy.
That being said, we are still working closely with our contacts on Wall Street and continue to have meaningful conversations.
These talks are productive and are laying the groundwork, so we are well prepared to move forward as soon as we see the inevitable turn to a more positive outlook in the market and freeing up of capital.

While the prospects of becoming a public company are still and have always been an exciting part of our plan, it’s important not to forget all of this is based on an intelligent, unique and proven business model that takes advantage of the rapidly changing oil and gas markets, and adjusts automatically to the current, prices and trends in oil and gas.
Outside of the current situation on Wall Street, and in spite of the new rules of business that COIVD has required us to adapt to, we have continued to move forward.

We are pursuing multiple avenues of our business model as a privately held company to build revenue. Some of these include brokering, profit sharing, and flipping mineral properties to name a few.
The current volatility and changing landscape of the oil and gas industry has created some very unique opportunities that War Party Minerals is well positioned to take full advantage of over the coming weeks and months.

All of these are in the pursuit of showing the viability of our technology and building a complete proven platform for predictive buying, as well as building a solid revenue stream between now and our eventual public listing.

We appreciate all of our partners, especially as we navigate this ever-changing business environment.

Until our next update, we wish you and your families the best of health.

Paul Carlisle
WarParty Minerals Inc.